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Kickoff Meeting for Troop 407
2015-2016 Scouting Year

Tuesday 9/1    7:30pm - 9:00pm    CUCC
Wear your full Class A uniform.  Let's start this year looking sharp!
This will be an important information sharing time for everyone
planning to be involved in Troop 407 during this coming year.
All Scouts must bring: 
  • At least one parent, preferably both.
  • $50 annual dues: make checks to "Troop 407, BSA"
  • Updated Scout Profile information forms which were sent to you in the mail.  Please provide us with all of the requested information.  Many forms that we must file with the Council throughout the year require this information and it is much easier to collect it all now.  Legible entries in a brightly colored pen will greatly ease data entry.
  • If you did not attend summer camp with us, a new complete Health Form.
Next Campout
Friday 9/18 5:00pm - Sunday 9/20 3:00pm    Holcomb Valley
We will focus on camping, cooking, hiking, and playing in the forest. We will also be testing Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class advancement requirements that were taught at the Pathfinder program at camp and getting them signed off. Camping cost is $10 per person. Patrols will set and collect food costs. (JKM)